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West Midlands Wedding photographer

Hello and welcome to Daffodil Waves Photography, I am a professional Wedding Photographer, based in Birmingham but I travel all over the UK.

How to find a Wedding Photographer

There are lots of wedding photographers out there, it is just a matter of finding the right one for you! Don't think you have to trawl through hundreds and hundreds of photographers’ sites on Google. Wedding Blogs are a good place to start your search and, if your wedding photographer has been featured in a popular blog, then usually that is a good sign. Do look at photographers’ websites, too. However, keep in mind you are looking for quality photographs so try not to get distracted by flashy websites.
What style of photography would compliment what you have planned? Many photographers specialise in a certain style of photography, you want to make sure you pick the best photographer for you. If you are nervous or uneasy infront of the camera then maybe you should consider a documentary style wedding photographer they focus on taking natural photographs and place far less emphasis on you posing which can make people self conscious, or perhaps you are getting married in a dress that has been in your family for generations and you have a passion for things less modern, then maybe a vintage wedding photographer is for you. Will you be getting married in a white dress, and travel to the church in a horse and cart, maybe a you'd like Traditional Wedding Photographer. If you don't know what style you want, don't worry, just do your research and speak to many photographers. 

You want to choose a photographer who gives you confidence, someone you are comfortable with and trust. Therefore, I recommend you spend some time getting to know your photographer. Whenever possible, meet the photographers you are interested in hiring and ask to see their work (which should be extensive and definitely showcase a complete wedding). Tell them about what you have planned for your wedding day, what makes your day special to you and what you want to see in your photographs. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions because the better you get to know your photographer and the more comfortable you are with him/her, the better your images will be. Pre-wedding or engagement shoots are a great way to build that bond with your wedding photographer and determine if you like and are comfortable around them. 
From the blog
What my lovely couples had to say
  • After stumbling across Nicola's website, I literally had to pick my jaw up from my desk. The search for our wedding photographer had stalled and I was beginning to get down hearted about finding the perfect 'one'.
    - Kelly and Andy
  • This talented young lady did an engagement shoot for me and my other half Matthew, and it came out better than I could have ever imagined. They are....
    - Jen and Matt
  • Nicola was just wonderful to work with. Her talent to spot slightly unusual but beautiful moments showed itself in our wedding photos only too well. From photos of me getting ready, through the ceremony to the First Dance....
    - Maike and Adam
  • I got married on the 25th June 2011 and I'm delighted to say Nicola was my photographer. I loved her work so much I asked her to come all the way up to Perthshire, Scotland for my wedding. We could not be happier with the photographs we received.
    - Kari and Rob
  • Nicola's photography is so good it made my mother cry. She has an amazing gift for capturing magical moments and immortalising them forever on film. The...
    - Ruth and David