What evening food is popular at weddings?

As an experienced West Midlands wedding photographer I see trends in weddings come and go but the current trend for outdoorsy, tipi, festival style weddings looks set to stay. Brides and grooms are looking for a more laidback rustic wedding that is more attuned to the way they live and like to enjoy themselves. Therefore when it comes to the question what evening food is popular at weddings? The answer is anything tasty, informal and fun. This is why many couples and wedding planners are increasing serving pizza to their guests in the evening.

So hiring a caterer with their own authentic wood fired oven to cook to serve pizza directly to your guests could be a good way to go. What better gives that festival vibe than a street food style stand making fresh pizza to order?

Though you may not need to use a separate caterer. Find out if you’re wedding venue has an outside pizza oven now (many of them will). Then you can have waiters delivering pizza slices on wood or slate boards directly to tables for guests to tuck in to thus creating a fun and intimate eating experience. Alternatively, pizza can be ordered bespoke for guests and served in ‘take away style’ boxes.

Think about it, with pizza you don’t have to cater to different tastes or intolerances as gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options for pizza are easy to accommodate. You won’t need to worry about arranging separate food for children as pizza is always a firm favourite with kids. And unlike buffet food that just sits there pizza can continue to be cooked and served hot and fresh well in to the evening. Just imagine your guests enjoying a midnight snack after coming off the dancefloor.

One caterer I have worked with making stone baked pizzas at weddings is Heather at Rustic Roast Kitchen (www.rusticroastkitchen.com). Their pizzas are made from fresh local ingredients and are handmade in their street food style Kahuna Hut and then cooked fresh in their wood fired oven on site at any venue or location of their bride and grooms choice.

Other advantages of using an external caterer is that they are mobile, flexible, need minimal setting up time and require no external power meaning you can park them wherever you like at your wedding!

Let’s face it pizza is the number one food of choice at any party. So whether you choose to have your own unique and charming pizzeria rock up at your wedding, or have your venue cook pizzas in their outside oven and serve it to tables, there is no doubt. Pizza will be a sure-fire hit with your wedding guests!

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