I met Harrie and Matt at one of Elite Tent’s open days. When I heard about the location and plans for the day, I hoped they would choose me to capture it. And then they did!!

The tipis were set up in the grounds of Harrie’s old primary school in Wolston, Coventry. Imagine being able to have your wedding reception in the fields of your old school?? How cool is that?

There was home made bunting lining the fences, tree stumps for guests to sit on and enjoy the sunshine and blankets to keep each other warm if the temperature dropped into the evening. They had thought of everything!

Harrie and Matt got ready in separate locations and a red bus drove the guests to the Church. After the most beautiful ceremony and a lot of confetti being eaten, everyone jumped on the bus and headed to the school for their tipi reception.

They were such fun to be around. Nothing was taken too seriously and we had such a laugh on the couple portraits. I don’t really include group shots in a gallery but the one below I couldn’t resist. This was my favourite part of the day, when Matt found out the cost of Harrie’s dress! I thought it was quite reasonable to be fair ;).

Thank you both for asking me to capture your day and making my cheeks ache!

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