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My Photos of 2013 and a big thank you.

Daffodil Waves Photography - 2013 in one blog post

This was meant to be an easy post, after all, all I had to do was pick some of my favourite photos I had captured in 2013 and put them in a blog post.

So why did I end up getting quite emotional? 12 months isn’t a long time but the amount of things I have done in this time has been vast. Not only that, things are easily forgotten about, especially when life is so busy.

Each of my weddings holds memories, more than just memories of the day but what I was also doing in my own life and this post has reminded me of the wonderful year I have had and how very grateful I am to all the couples and people in this post for that and letting me share your amazing days.

It has also brought back memories of past years. I’ve been reminded of some of the first ever couples to book me to capture their weddings, who had faith in me, as some of the Ladies in these pictures were their bridesmaids. It was their turn to now be the bride and continue to have faith in me to capture their special days too.

I just want to say thank you to you all. Thank you for trusting me to capture one of the most important days in your life. Thank you for allowing me to do something I absolutely love as a career and thank you for all being a part of my 2013 and becoming my friends. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough…… Read more

Cameo Island Wedding, Zante – Grace and Ben

Daffodil Waves Photography - Ben and Grace - Cameo Island Wedding

Grace and Ben couldn’t have been more relaxed about their wedding. A few emails were exchanged and it was arranged that I would pop round for a cuppa to discuss their requirements. When I arrived at their house to chat about their wedding photography needs, it was at this point it was mentioned that the wedding was going to be in Greece!

This laid back approach continued over the next year and before we knew it, a lunch date was arranged to finalise the details for when we were out there. Grace is an amazing cook so over some fabulous food, a bottle of prosecco and in the company of the most wonderful couple, we laughed and chatted about the rundown of the day.

I asked how much time we would have for couple shots and explained the importance of this time, not just for me but for Grace and Ben. This was going to be one of the only times, all day, where they were going to be on their own, be able to take in what had just happened and celebrate in their own company that they were now Husband and Wife.

I looked over at Grace and the tears were flowing. I could see how much this meant to the both of them before we had even set foot on the Island and I couldn’t wait to capture it.

Instead of talking about how wonderful the day was (I hope the images will show you), I will list a few of my favourite memories and tips from this wedding;

1. Ben, when you promise me a speed boat is taking us to the Island, my belly hurt from laughing when the fishing boat with an engine appeared.

2. Groomsmen, do not smother yourself in talc before you are going to put your Navy suits on.

3. It is wonderful to show and capture so much emotion and love.

4. Celebrate at venues that mean something to you.

5. Grace, your Nan’s face when you showed her the locket, which had a memory of her Son in, is something I will never forget… Read more