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Warwick House Wedding – Vicky and Tom

Daffodil Waves Photography - Tom and Vicky - Warwick House Wedding Venue

I apologise in advance for this very image heavy post but you will soon see why I couldn’t narrow it down to any less than this. Vicky and Tom had so many wonderful details to capture and the supplier list was pretty epic.

Vicky and I hit it off from the very first time we met and kept in regular contact all through out their planning. With every email she sent, I got a little more excited. Warwick house is not only a beautiful venue but the staff are so helpful. Passion for flowers were decorating the reception and providing the bouquets. Chloe McCall was the expert behind the make up and Bridal Hair by Helena Sinclair worked her magic on the hair. Lastly, the fabulous Blooming Lovely Films was going to be filming the day!!!

Even though we had spoken so regularly, one thing was never spoken about. That Vicky and Tom were having an outdoor ceremony! The weather couldn’t have been more perfect and the guests started to take their seats outside. Vicky’s dress was on and nerves were now kicking in. I went to join Tom outside to wait for Vicky’s grand entrance. As the music started, the bridesmaids walked down the aisle first and then Vicky appeared! Tom turned around, saw Vicky, looked at his Best Man and said “She’ll do”! haha.

Thank you both for a day full of beautiful memories and laughter.  Read more