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The Best of 2017 Wedding Photography

Where do I begin…Firstly, thank you! Thank you so much for the ongoing support year on year, trusting me to capture your day for you. I can’t explain how much that means to me!

I’ve put together a handful of my favourite images from some of my amazing couples wedding days. I hope you like looking at them as much as I liked reliving the days all over again.

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Beautiful Tipi Wedding at Cedar Fields

I met Nicola and Steven a few times, at Elite Tent open days! Even though I was there to show couples albums and answer any questions about photography, both times meeting these Guys, we used to just talk about stuff. Kids, wedding plans, hobbies, weirdly everything but their wedding photography.

During one of these open days, my friend Heather at Rustic Roast Kitchen mentioned Nicola, how lovely the family are and said she couldn’t believe they didn’t have a photographer because their wedding sounded amazing.

As if on cue, Nicola walks into the tipi because one of her little Girls had left their bag behind, That was the first time photography was mentioned and here are some images that I captured of their beautiful day.

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