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Rustic Wedding Theme Inspiration – Wedding of my dreams

One of the things us Photographers get a chance to do when the wedding season is coming to an end, is blog! Over the next few months, you are going to see a lot of blog posts and they are going to be full of inspiration.

This one is absolutely packed full of it. Wedding of my dreams asked if I would be involved in a shoot to capture a lot of things you can buy off their amazing site. Each table had a different theme and every little thing you can see on these tables, you can buy! Make sure you have a good look around and if there is anything that you fall in love with, you now know where you can get it from. Starting with….

A classic neutral theme with a hint of Gold….

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Do you need inspiration for flowers and pretties?

When I first started in this industry, I met Gemma (who is one half of Passion for Flowers alongside Karen) when she supplied the bouquet for a shoot I had put together. Since then I have been a huge fan of not only them but also their work.

Last week they asked if I would take some pictures of some new collections they had put together and I was more than happy to help.

With every shot I took I knew my brides would love the items on show, so I thought I would give you a bit of a flash of what these Ladies can produce and what you can also buy from their shop The Wedding of my Dreams.

Enjoy the inspiration and also all the pinning (for all my Pinterest fans ;))

Packington Moor Wedding – Jenny and Dave

Daffodil Waves Photography - Packington Moor Wedding Venue - Jenny & Dave

Nearly two years ago I received an email from Dave asking for my package prices and if we could meet. When I arrived at the meeting, Jenny was there and I think Dave was. I say think because Jenny and I wouldn’t shut up. Dave could only look on.

This was how it went for the whole planning stage of their wedding. Jenny and I would plan a get together, say we would talk about wedding plans, spend 5 minutes on that subject and move on to more important things. Food mainly.

To the horror of Dave, I would show Jenny shops that she could buy little bits and pieces from and we would then think of reasons to tell Dave about how these were very needed.

Then came the wedding day itself. I was now watching a very good friend have her make up done, get into her dream dress and then walk down the aisle to her soulmate.

Then came the first dance! I watched a couple so in love, hold each other to their favourite song and dance their first dance as Man and Wife and I cried. Thank goodness my camera was in front of my face and I couldn’t stop.

It was a truly amazing day and one I am very sad to see in my past but also one I’m very excited to see, be the start of something magical. Read more