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Kathryn and Tom’s Mill Barns Wedding in Shropshire – Documentary Wedding Photography

The Mill Barns

Mill Barns Wedding

Kathryn and Tom’s Mill Barns Wedding in Shropshire – Documentary Wedding Photography

I have always said ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’ and Kathryn was no exception. In her email she stated that they had found me via Instagram and “I’ve been getting some good vibes from you”! Yay!! I could tell from meeting them that photography was so important to them and getting it right was imperative, so I was so flattered when a message landed a few days later to say they would love me to capture their day.

Mill Barns is a stunning Waterfront Barn Wedding Venue located in such beautiful surroundings in Shropshire, West Midlands. You have exclusive-use of three magnificent oak framed wedding barns and are spoilt for your couple portraits with the eight acres of mature landscaped gardens and mesmerising water features they offer.

The morning prep in The Dressing Room was great fun with Laura-Kate and Bryony Dalton pampering Kathryn and Tom and his Boys staying away in one of the accommodation rooms, just round the corner! The dress by Caroline Castagliano complimented Kathryn beautifully and shoes by Rachel Simpson finished the look perfectly.

The details in The Wedding Breakfast Barn were amazing. White Wysteria really did work their magic on the table centres.

A band always brings a certain atmosphere to an evening and Apollo Soul NEVER fail to disappoint. The dance floor is always busy from the minute they hit the stage!

It was a privilege to be able to capture Kathryn and Tom’s day with their family and friends. Here are a few words from the couple themselves;

How did you meet?

We met in Cambridge at university; I was studying nursing, he was studying history. On a night out he came on to me but I wasn’t interested! Fast forward a few months and he’s working behind a bar making cocktails. I tried to get a free cocktail off him and he said he would in exchange for my number! 8 years later we’re now happily married.

Tell me about the proposal?

After a few years of living in London, we ended up settling in Birmingham. We already knew we’d get married and grow a life together, just when was the question! He was going to propose months before but due to circumstances at the time it couldn’t happen, days later he told me he was going to propose then!! I’d picked out the ring, he didn’t hide it very well so I had tried it on a few times by then as I was kept waiting!!

I came home late after a 13 hour nursing shift to find some candles and a note in our porch. The note talked about how we first met and what he loved about me then, opening the door I saw all the lights were off and there was a trail of candles I could follow into the sitting room with a series of more notes. The candles led me upstairs (all the while I was thinking this is such a fire hazard!) and there was Tom down on one knee in our bedroom waiting to propose. I said yes and the rest is history!

What do we love about each other?

Tom: I love how she’s so caring and dedicated in whatever she does, even the smallest things. She’s always willing to give things a go (unless it’s to do with bugs!) but will try and make it fun regardless. Her dopey moments, she’s so smart but she has these moments where all I can do is look at her and go ˜really? I’m struggling to put it into specific words and add everything, because if I did I’d write an essay. She’s everything that I could ask for, and want, and completes parts of me that I didn’t know were missing. I can’t imagine being without her, and now we’re married I don’t have to!

Kathryn: As you can see he’s the soppy one! I don’t believe love has to be said out loud all the time because it’s shown in the other things he does. He made me breakfast in bed this morning, and he’s always there for a hug when I need a good cry. He makes sure my uniforms are clean. We both know when we need each other and when we need space, which usually means we’re both on our PlayStations! His hoodies are like a warm hug. And he knows how to make cocktails, what more could I ask for? He’s hard working, stubborn as hell, but I love him all the same.

Did your wedding have a theme?

I knew I wanted rustic and natural, so when I found the Mill Barns having only viewed one other venue, I knew it was perfect! Theme wise it was always going to be natural blues and greens, nothing too bold, and with a little bit of tartan thrown in for good measure!

Why did you choose the venue and suppliers you did?

The Mill Barns was perfect being out in the countryside, very natural surroundings, and the bridal suite was to DIE for! I don’t usually get that gut feeling, but when I drove up and saw it for the first time, it felt like a million butterflies were inside! Both Nicola and Blue Ridge both capture their days in a natural way as well; nothing was forced about the day, and I feel like the photos and video always captures people’s personalities!

It was quite difficult to find a florist that would do exactly what I wanted, again wanting natural blues and greens, white roses, and again just very natural. Because of my Scottish heritage I wanted thistles to play a featured part as well, and Chloe at White Wysteria created the most beautiful arrangements!

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