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My favourite from 2018 and a massive THANK YOU!

I didn’t even know where to start with this post. How do you actually pick your favourites from all your weddings throughout 2018? Impossible. What this did allow me to do is reflect on how bloody lucky I was to be a part of them though.

Every picture I have included meant something to me. Whether this is a reminder of the time the suit company sent the wrong size trousers and one of the groomsmen was in a different colour, the nerves showing for some of my brides as the dress goes on, a Mother of a bride seeing how gorgeous she looks in the mirror, the laughs, the tears, the wrong name said during the vows (don’t worry it was the Groom marrying himself apparently), the amazing venues I was able to visit, hearing about how my couples met, the power cuts and everyone pulling together, the first looks, the renewals, the traditions and not so traditional, the eating of confetti during the throw because the smiles are so big and the realisation that you are the lucky person to spend your life with the person opposite you.

I feel truly blessed that you chose me to capture your day. I still pinch myself that this is my job and looking at these 2018 images reminds me of how lucky I am.

So, here is a selection of what my couples and I got up to this past year.

2019, I’m coming for you…..

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