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Warwick House Wedding – Claire and Peter

Birmingham Wedding Photographer

Claire and Peter definitely win for the most last minute booking, ever. Two weeks before the date, Claire asked if I was free to capture their day. It wasn’t to your normal timings either, the ceremony wouldn’t be until 6.15pm at the beautiful Warwick House, a wedding venue in Warwickshire, there will be no sit down meal as the guests will enjoy a hog roast on the patio during a drinks reception in the Sun and everyone will be dancing the first dance.

Claire didn’t need to mention the amazing Black Armani dress she would be wearing, before I said “hold me back, I’m there”.

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Dodmoor House Wedding Photographer – Rachel and Dan


“Rachel and I really love your pictures and would love you to do our wedding if you are still available” were the best words I could have received in the reply from their enquiry. A meet was arranged and I was looking forward to seeing them before the wedding.

Nothing could have prepared me for how nice and easy going Rachel and Dan were. One thing I always say is how lovely my couples are. This is not a cliché thing to say, they are just bloody amazing. After a coffee and a chat, all I thought was bring on the wedding. Read more

Children’s entertainment at weddings – Birmingham Wedding Photography

Over the course of this month I want to recommend certain things that I think some people might not know are available. It’s quite common now for couples to want Child free weddings and this is absolutely fine but there are some that would like Children to attend but are afraid of them getting bored, becoming upset and the Parents not being able to enjoy themselves.

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Daffodil Waves Photography 2014!

Today I spent the day going through wedding and engagement photos I had captured in 2014 because I wanted to share a few of them with you and I found myself getting quite emotional. It took me by surprise as it wasn’t a particularly emotional image that triggered it and it wasn’t an image you would find yourself getting emotional over. It was the memory it brought with that image. I can remember how I felt when I pushed the button to capture it for my couple and those feelings came flooding back.

Even though I am married myself, it was a little while ago, so this reminded me how my couples must feel when they see their images for the first time and how important this process is.

I wasn’t going to write any gushy words to go with this but I haven’t been able to stop myself. This year has gone so quickly and looking back on these images has reminded me just how quick. You got to experience your wedding in 2014 but I am blessed to have experienced all of your weddings and for that I am truly grateful.

Thank you for trusting me to capture your memories for you. I can’t begin to tell you how much that means.

Daffodil Waves Photography 2014 - Birmingham Wedding Photographer10Birmingham Wedding Photographer

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Redhouse Barn Wedding Photographer – Laura and Matt

Daffodil Waves Photography

Less than 14 days after Laura and Matt got in touch with me, I was capturing their wedding! This was the quickest ever wedding to come around in my photography history.

The whole day took place in Redhouse Barn near Worcester. When Laura told me this, I got a little excited. Jane and Jeremy the owners are amazingly nice people, who are very hands on throughout the day. Not only that, it was my first ceremony there so it was great to spend the whole day in their company!

I hadn’t met Laura and Matt before the wedding because, as you can imagine, they had a lot to do before the big day but you would never have known this. Laura was so welcoming when I arrived and you could see her bouncing around with excitement, looking forward to seeing Matt at the other end of the aisle.

There was lots of tears, laughter and love and I hope I captured all this for you to see.

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Wethele Manor Wedding Venue – Kate and Jon

Wethele Manor Wedding

It was raining as I was traveling to Wethele Manor for Kate and Jon’s wedding and there was no way Kate’s dream of having an outdoor ceremony was going to be able to go ahead……and then I met up with Kate and an outdoor ceremony WAS going to go ahead!

As I popped around the back of the manor house to see where the ceremony was going to be taking place, staff were there with the chairs, under shelter, waiting for a break in the rain. Kate was certain that it was going to be possible and yet very calm!

Make up and hair done. Dress on and now Kate’s Dad had arrived. Staff had come to check if it was OK to set the chairs up indoors when all of a sudden, the rain stopped. The staff rushed to get all the chairs outside to form the aisle and the guests could be seated.

Kate and Jon could have their outdoor ceremony after all…… Read more

My Photos of 2013 and a big thank you.

Daffodil Waves Photography - 2013 in one blog post

This was meant to be an easy post, after all, all I had to do was pick some of my favourite photos I had captured in 2013 and put them in a blog post.

So why did I end up getting quite emotional? 12 months isn’t a long time but the amount of things I have done in this time has been vast. Not only that, things are easily forgotten about, especially when life is so busy.

Each of my weddings holds memories, more than just memories of the day but what I was also doing in my own life and this post has reminded me of the wonderful year I have had and how very grateful I am to all the couples and people in this post for that and letting me share your amazing days.

It has also brought back memories of past years. I’ve been reminded of some of the first ever couples to book me to capture their weddings, who had faith in me, as some of the Ladies in these pictures were their bridesmaids. It was their turn to now be the bride and continue to have faith in me to capture their special days too.

I just want to say thank you to you all. Thank you for trusting me to capture one of the most important days in your life. Thank you for allowing me to do something I absolutely love as a career and thank you for all being a part of my 2013 and becoming my friends. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough…… Read more

Mythe Barn Wedding Venue – All Saints Church – Bruce and Annabel

Mythe Barn Wedding Venue - All Saints Church

As soon as I saw Annabel on the day of the wedding, it was like a friend was beaming back at me. We had met before, on Bruce and Annabel’s pre-wedding shoot, so I already knew that the wedding day was going to be a relaxed affair and it didn’t disappoint.

I walked into All Saints Church in Sheepy Magna and my breath was taken away. 1000 paper cranes looked so pretty hanging there and when I found out they were made by the Church community, after a comment Annabel made about loving them, it made them even more special.

The day was filled with tears, laughter and love. Mythe Barn looked amazing decorated in Bruce and Annabel’s vision and after everyone enjoyed the amazing food by Galloping Gourmet, an outfit change was needed.

I’ll keep that as a surprise for when you reach the end of the images. I hope you enjoy watching how the day unfolded….. Read more

Packington Moor Wedding – Jenny and Dave

Daffodil Waves Photography - Packington Moor Wedding Venue - Jenny & Dave

Nearly two years ago I received an email from Dave asking for my package prices and if we could meet. When I arrived at the meeting, Jenny was there and I think Dave was. I say think because Jenny and I wouldn’t shut up. Dave could only look on.

This was how it went for the whole planning stage of their wedding. Jenny and I would plan a get together, say we would talk about wedding plans, spend 5 minutes on that subject and move on to more important things. Food mainly.

To the horror of Dave, I would show Jenny shops that she could buy little bits and pieces from and we would then think of reasons to tell Dave about how these were very needed.

Then came the wedding day itself. I was now watching a very good friend have her make up done, get into her dream dress and then walk down the aisle to her soulmate.

Then came the first dance! I watched a couple so in love, hold each other to their favourite song and dance their first dance as Man and Wife and I cried. Thank goodness my camera was in front of my face and I couldn’t stop.

It was a truly amazing day and one I am very sad to see in my past but also one I’m very excited to see, be the start of something magical. Read more