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Beautiful Tipi Wedding with Elite Tents – Chelsea and Jim

Birmingham Wedding Photographer

We hit it off from the day we met. So much so, Chelsea and I would meet up for ‘wedding chat’ dates that would be lunch dates, with a little bit of wedding talk at the end.

For such a long time I was waiting for this day to come around. To see it all come together. I’d never been to a wedding with bumper cars there for a start and I knew there were so many details to look forward to!

When the day finally arrived, we thought it wasn’t going to stop raining. They were having a Tipi wedding supplied by Elite Tents and rain wasn’t a welcome guest! It didn’t put anyone off though, in fact, once you were in the Tipi, you didn’t really notice what was going on outside.

Eventually the rain did stop, everyone went outside and the evening do began on the bumper cars! Quite an entertaining thing to watch when everyone had been on the table wine!

I really hope you enjoy the pictures and witnessing that even if it does rain on your Tipi wedding, you’ll be having too much fun to even care!

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Elite Tents Open Day – Amazing Wedding Tipis

You know when you chat to someone and it feels like you’ve known them for ages? It was very much like that with Sophie from Elite Tents! After talking a few times and realising we had a few things in common (where we like to eat ;)), I was over the moon when she said Jacquie, the amazing boss Lady, said that I could come along to the open day as a supplier.

Before we had even finished setting up, people were keen to get through the door. This is how special their tipis are! You wouldn’t believe how many people came to the open day, not knowing what to expect but then leaving knowing they could not do without these for their wedding.

Couples book these tipis when they want something a bit different and this all comes to light when you get chatting and hear about their plans! I am grateful to Jacquie and Sophie for inviting me along so I was able to do this at the open day. I met some wonderful couples and their plans made me excited as a Photographer.

It is surreal how big these tipis are when you enter them, Tardis springs to mind!! If you are curious, I’d highly recommend getting in touch with the team, they are so helpful and will answer any questions you have. Better still, I hope to see you at the next open day!

Styling by Ava event styling