Brand New Wedding USB’s

I get ridiculously excited about packaging. When I purchase something and they wrap it beautifully, it makes me want to go back there in the future. To me it shows time and care has gone into something, so what I give to my couples is extremely important to me. Their experience with me is extremely important to me. Read more

What evening food is popular at weddings?

What evening food is popular at weddings?

As an experienced West Midlands wedding photographer I see trends in weddings come and go but the current trend for outdoorsy, tipi, festival style weddings looks set to stay. Brides and grooms are looking for a more laidback rustic wedding that is more attuned to the way they live and like to enjoy themselves. Therefore when it comes to the question what evening food is popular at weddings? The answer is anything tasty, informal and fun. This is why many couples and wedding planners are increasing serving pizza to their guests in the evening.

So hiring a caterer with their own authentic wood fired oven to cook to serve pizza directly to your guests could be a good way to go. What better gives that festival vibe than a street food style stand making fresh pizza to order?

Though you may not need to use a separate caterer. Find out if you’re wedding venue has an outside pizza oven now (many of them will). Then you can have waiters delivering pizza slices on wood or slate boards directly to tables for guests to tuck in to thus creating a fun and intimate eating experience. Alternatively, pizza can be ordered bespoke for guests and served in ‘take away style’ boxes. Read more

Should I buy wedding insurance? Take a look at this blog where I talk about wedding insurance.

Should I buy wedding insurance?

Over my years as an experienced Birmingham wedding photographer I have had several panicked calls from stressed brides because the photographer they booked has let them down and they don’t have wedding insurance. I always endeavour to shoot their wedding for them and if I’m already booked on their date, I help them to find somebody who can. On top of the stress they often end up paying out twice for a wedding photographer. This happens to me at least once a year and I always feel so sorry for the brides and grooms involved.

Weddings are happy occasions that almost always go off without any drama (unless you’re a soap opera character!) However there are many things that could happen that are beyond your control and could mean that your wedding has to be cancelled or rearranged. So, in my opinion, the short answer to ‘should I buy wedding insurance’ is yes! You definitely should.

Having a photographer let you down is terrible but is just one of many things that can go wrong. Imagine your wedding venue having a fire or a flood and is consequently inaccessible to you and all of your guests. Imagine any of your suppliers going bust, your wedding and bridesmaids dresses get damaged and ruined, extreme weather preventing half of your guests attending, or the unthinkable thought of the bride or groom becoming extremely ill. What happens then? Read more

Garden Wedding Reception – Sarah and Alex

Garden Wedding Garden Wedding

I love shooting Cotswold weddings especially when I get to work with great couples like Sarah and Alex who had a beautiful summer wedding in the pretty and historic market town of Chipping Campden.

Sarah’s parents Karen and Thomas opened up their beautiful home and garden to host the wedding. On the day I arrived early so I could take some shots of Sarah and her bridal party making their final preparations.

The family had worked flat out to create a perfect wedding venue. The marquee, all dressed and ready to receive the guests, looked fabulous and the garden looked simply stunning.

Sarah was in good hands with her family and maid of honour Emily there to help her with any final preparations. Along with some of the four flower girls (Lizze, Emily, Emma and Nele) Sarah looked stunning in her lace vintage style fitted dress, the very essence of beautiful and understated glamour. Read more

The pro’s and con’s of using a friend or family member to shoot your wedding.

The pro’s and con’s of using a friend or family member to shoot your wedding.

Being an experienced Birmingham wedding photographer it hasn’t escaped my notice that the average cost of a UK wedding last year was over £27,000. That’s a rise from the previous year of a whopping 9.6%. In this climate it is not surprising that couples are looking to make savings when arranging their wedding. It may be tempting to ask a friend or family member to take your wedding photographs. If you are thinking of doing this, here are few things you will need to consider first.

How skilled is your friend/family member with their camera?

There’s more to photography than having a nice camera. A professional photographer has experience of taking photos in different light, different conditions, composing different shots and executing it perfectly.   The camera doesn’t do this, the photographer does and this results in consistency meaning that you get not one or two stunning photos, but a whole albums worth.

Wedding venues like churches, barns and castles can have poor light. Professional photographers know how to get the best shots even in the trickiest of lighting. They know how to work with the sunshine to grab the best opportunities for outside shots.   A professional has doubtlessly shot weddings at your venue before, they will have an established working relationship with your venue and will know the best backdrops, positions and light when photographing you and your wedding guests.

If your friend is a professional photographer then you’ve really lucked out but if they’re an enthusiastic amateur with a new toy that they’re keen to try out on your wedding day then you may want to reconsider.

Does your friend/family member have the right equipment?

On the day your friend or family member will, as an absolute minimum, need:

  • Two Camera Bodies (one to shoot on, one as a backup)
  • A fast wide angle lens
  • A fast telephoto lens
  • A spare lens
  • Two speed lights (flashes) and batteries
  • Around 100gb of memory cards

What is you and your friend or family member’s backup plan if something goes wrong? Read more

An Outdoor Wedding – Kai and Melissa

Birmingham Wedding Photographer Birmingham Wedding Photographer

As an outdoor wedding photographer, I get to meet some great couples and this was definitely the case when I met Melissa and Kai. They were a delight to work with and their country farm wedding was a delight to shoot. Let’s start at the beginning of their day.
On the day I arrived early at Studd Farm Barns (holiday accommodation owned and ran by Kai’s parents) where the wedding party were getting ready for the day. I took the opportunity to take some shots of the beautiful hand built barn, especially built for the wedding and marquee all dressed and ready for guests. Everybody had clearly worked very hard and it looked absolutely amazing. Imagine vintage rustic charm and you’re there. In fact you don’t have to imagine, take a look at my images.
I also got a chance to take some shots of Melissa, Kai and their wedding party as they excitedly got ready before heading to St Swithun Church in the pretty market town of Drayton Market for the ceremony. Read more

Shustoke Barn Wedding – Ian and Sian

Shustoke Barns Wedding

I met Ian and Sian at a venue open day event and soon received an email with details of their date and venue, to see if I had availability. Thank goodness I did as their plans sounded amazing and they had booked the beautiful Shustoke Barns.

It’s quite common for my couples to book their wedding photography a year in advance, so I didn’t have too long to wait until their big day. Sian and Ian’s ceremony was at All Saints Church, Sheepy Magna. I’ve captured weddings there quite a few times and was really happy to be sharing their day with them there too.

We all then travelled to Shustoke Barns for the wedding reception and as soon as I walked in, the first thing I saw was the beautiful florals and styling. Shustoke Barns seems to have the ability to attract the most relaxed and lovely couples and Sian and Ian were no exception.

After the guests enjoyed the wonderful food the venue has to offer, they danced the night away with The Hot Shots entertaining them.

Shustoke Barn Wedding Read more

Tipi Wedding Photographer – The best of!

Tipi Wedding Photographer

I am very fortunate to be able to capture tipi weddings often and the couples they attract are so relaxed and creative. One of the main reasons I love them so much!

When I say creative, I mean you never know how the decor is going to look from one wedding to the next. I’ve seen festival themed tipi weddings, pastel colours, skulls as table centrepieces, yurts for your guests to sleep over in, rain and my couples not caring, bumper cars, you name it, i’ve seen it at a tipi wedding.

Just having that freedom for you to create the perfect day, that suits your personalities completely, is something amazing in itself.

Elite Tents are often the tipi company I get to work alongside regularly and I can’t fault their passion in what they deliver.

I know from the beginning it might seem a lot to organise but that is what we are there for and I can help you with recommendations or advice every step of the way.

I have put together some of my favourite pictures from a few of the tipi weddings I have captured, just to give you some inspiration for your day. Really hope you like them….

Read more

Best Mythe Barn Wedding Photos

Over the last two weeks I have been putting together this blog post. I started it by thinking I could do it in a day but when I actually started looking into it further, choosing my favourite pictures, I’d actually not considered how many weddings I had captured at Mythe Barn.

Mythe Barn is probably the venue I shoot weddings at the most. The couples it attracts are always very relaxed and just want a great party surrounded by their family and friends. This is why I love them and they suit me perfectly!

The venue is so light and neutral inside, so it suits any theme and ideas that couples might have in mind. The food is up there with some of the best I’ve had and the Galloping Gourmet team are there for couples every step of the way.

I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to capture weddings there as often as I do. Every time I’m at the front of the Oak Barn, watching on as the I do’s are said to one another, I count myself lucky that I am the one to get that front row seat. Read more