Over the course of this month I want to recommend certain things that I think some people might not know are available. It’s quite common now for couples to want Child free weddings and this is absolutely fine but there are some that would like Children to attend but are afraid of them getting bored, becoming upset and the Parents not being able to enjoy themselves.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 20.54.42About two years ago I shot a wedding where the Couple had hired a crèche to come and entertain the Children. I had never seen one of these before and what a brilliant idea it was!

Whilst the Parents were sitting to enjoy their wedding breakfast, the Children had the choice to go into this crèche and colour, play, sing songs, basically have fun! There was food in there too for them to snack on if they didn’t want to sit at the tables with the grown ups.

I have a Son and for me to expect him to sit at the table with me for an hour and half and then through speeches too and not get bored is very wishful thinking! This way all the Children got to do something they enjoyed doing.

I have worked with Lucky Bunty’s and not only do they bring the entertainment, they can make it themed too! Everyone knows Frozen right? Yeap, someone comes dressed as Elsa and they play Frozen games. Uh, can I play please??

Not only that, they offer the following services;

  • Attendance for when you are getting ready in the morning
  • Entertainment for the Children during the ceremony
  • Entertainment during the meal/speeches
  • Sleep time babysitting onsite if the Parents want to stay a bit later into the evening

Before writing this I contacted Lucky Bunty’s asking about prices as I didn’t want my Couples to think they were going to be too expensive, after all, weddings are expensive enough! I was pleasantly surprised with the figures.

For an hours entertainment, so if you wanted this for the ceremony and reception drinks, it was £200! This included ALL the fun for the Children to play with! Not only that, they said that anyone quoting Daffodil Waves when enquiring could have 10% off!

If you wanted to ask them more, their contact details are;


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