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Elite Tents Open Day – Amazing Wedding Tipis

You know when you chat to someone and it feels like you’ve known them for ages? It was very much like that with Sophie from Elite Tents! After talking a few times and realising we had a few things in common (where we like to eat ;)), I was over the moon when she said Jacquie, the amazing boss Lady, said that I could come along to the open day as a supplier.

Before we had even finished setting up, people were keen to get through the door. This is how special their tipis are! You wouldn’t believe how many people came to the open day, not knowing what to expect but then leaving knowing they could not do without these for their wedding.

Couples book these tipis when they want something a bit different and this all comes to light when you get chatting and hear about their plans! I am grateful to Jacquie and Sophie for inviting me along so I was able to do this at the open day. I met some wonderful couples and their plans made me excited as a Photographer.

It is surreal how big these tipis are when you enter them, Tardis springs to mind!! If you are curious, I’d highly recommend getting in touch with the team, they are so helpful and will answer any questions you have. Better still, I hope to see you at the next open day!

Styling by Ava event styling

Daffodil Waves Photography – Wedding Album

I am always looking to offer my couples the best quality products, so I was on the lookout again last year to try a different album supplier and to see what was out there.

I was impressed from the very start with this wedding album supplier. I could go on about how the design software was enjoyable to use but you won’t care about that. The most important thing was the end result and how the photos looked. When the album was delivered to me, I knew I was going buy from them again!

Daffodil Waves Photography - Wedding Album

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Do you need inspiration for flowers and pretties?

When I first started in this industry, I met Gemma (who is one half of Passion for Flowers alongside Karen) when she supplied the bouquet for a shoot I had put together. Since then I have been a huge fan of not only them but also their work.

Last week they asked if I would take some pictures of some new collections they had put together and I was more than happy to help.

With every shot I took I knew my brides would love the items on show, so I thought I would give you a bit of a flash of what these Ladies can produce and what you can also buy from their shop The Wedding of my Dreams.

Enjoy the inspiration and also all the pinning (for all my Pinterest fans ;))

Questions to ask your wedding venue.

I know by the time most people book me they have already found and booked their wedding venue but, after seeing a question about what to ask your wedding venue before booking, I thought I would write down one of the wonderful responses given, courtesy of a fabulous Lady who makes wonderful cake toppers at Love on Top.

Some of these won’t be relevant and I’m sure there are loads more that could be added but we don’t want the venue to be scared into letting you book now do we πŸ˜‰

What dates do you have available?

Do you take provisional bookings and if so, how long for?

Will there be any other weddings on the same day? If so – how do you manage that?

What is your maximum number of guests for the ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception?

Do you allow confetti?

What are your parking facilities like?

Can cars be left overnight? If so, do they have to be picked up by a certain time?

Where would we have our photos taken in bad weather?

Wedding breakfast layout – rounds of ten plus top table?

Who sets the room up?

When can we have access to the room before the wedding? Day before? What times?

Do you have any storage for gifts etc? Can we use it overnight?

What are your payment terms – deposit amount, final balances etc?

Once the deposit is paid, does that secure the price including yearly inflation increases? If not, how much are the yearly increases on average?

Do you allow live music?

Are there any limiters on the volume?

What time does the music have to finish?

What time are last orders and what time do guests need to have vacated?

Do you provide a bar?

Do you have a price list for guests we can see?

Do you allow candles? Can we have a naked flame i.e. candelabra or do they need to be contained in a hurricane vase or similar?

When can the DJ/Band set up?

What areas of the grounds do/don’t we have access to?

Do you provide all food and drink?

Can we provide our own wine? Is there a corkage fee?

For the evening buffet – do you require catering for the full amount or is it a percentage?

What local accommodation is there?

Can you recommend any taxi firms?

What are the earliest and latest ceremony times?

Who runs things on the day?

Can you provide high chairs?

Are there any restrictions on decorations? Bunting etc?


I hope this helps and if there is anything you wish to add then just write a comment πŸ™‚