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Brand New Wedding USB’s

I get ridiculously excited about packaging. When I purchase something and they wrap it beautifully, it makes me want to go back there in the future. To me it shows time and care has gone into something, so what I give to my couples is extremely important to me. Their experience with me is extremely important to me. Read more

What evening food is popular at weddings?

What evening food is popular at weddings?

As an experienced West Midlands wedding photographer I see trends in weddings come and go but the current trend for outdoorsy, tipi, festival style weddings looks set to stay. Brides and grooms are looking for a more laidback rustic wedding that is more attuned to the way they live and like to enjoy themselves. Therefore when it comes to the question what evening food is popular at weddings? The answer is anything tasty, informal and fun. This is why many couples and wedding planners are increasing serving pizza to their guests in the evening.

So hiring a caterer with their own authentic wood fired oven to cook to serve pizza directly to your guests could be a good way to go. What better gives that festival vibe than a street food style stand making fresh pizza to order?

Though you may not need to use a separate caterer. Find out if you’re wedding venue has an outside pizza oven now (many of them will). Then you can have waiters delivering pizza slices on wood or slate boards directly to tables for guests to tuck in to thus creating a fun and intimate eating experience. Alternatively, pizza can be ordered bespoke for guests and served in ‘take away style’ boxes. Read more

Should I buy wedding insurance? Take a look at this blog where I talk about wedding insurance.

Should I buy wedding insurance?

Over my years as an experienced Birmingham wedding photographer I have had several panicked calls from stressed brides because the photographer they booked has let them down and they don’t have wedding insurance. I always endeavour to shoot their wedding for them and if I’m already booked on their date, I help them to find somebody who can. On top of the stress they often end up paying out twice for a wedding photographer. This happens to me at least once a year and I always feel so sorry for the brides and grooms involved.

Weddings are happy occasions that almost always go off without any drama (unless you’re a soap opera character!) However there are many things that could happen that are beyond your control and could mean that your wedding has to be cancelled or rearranged. So, in my opinion, the short answer to ‘should I buy wedding insurance’ is yes! You definitely should.

Having a photographer let you down is terrible but is just one of many things that can go wrong. Imagine your wedding venue having a fire or a flood and is consequently inaccessible to you and all of your guests. Imagine any of your suppliers going bust, your wedding and bridesmaids dresses get damaged and ruined, extreme weather preventing half of your guests attending, or the unthinkable thought of the bride or groom becoming extremely ill. What happens then? Read more

The pro’s and con’s of using a friend or family member to shoot your wedding.

The pro’s and con’s of using a friend or family member to shoot your wedding.

Being an experienced Birmingham wedding photographer it hasn’t escaped my notice that the average cost of a UK wedding last year was over £27,000. That’s a rise from the previous year of a whopping 9.6%. In this climate it is not surprising that couples are looking to make savings when arranging their wedding. It may be tempting to ask a friend or family member to take your wedding photographs. If you are thinking of doing this, here are few things you will need to consider first.

How skilled is your friend/family member with their camera?

There’s more to photography than having a nice camera. A professional photographer has experience of taking photos in different light, different conditions, composing different shots and executing it perfectly.   The camera doesn’t do this, the photographer does and this results in consistency meaning that you get not one or two stunning photos, but a whole albums worth.

Wedding venues like churches, barns and castles can have poor light. Professional photographers know how to get the best shots even in the trickiest of lighting. They know how to work with the sunshine to grab the best opportunities for outside shots.   A professional has doubtlessly shot weddings at your venue before, they will have an established working relationship with your venue and will know the best backdrops, positions and light when photographing you and your wedding guests.

If your friend is a professional photographer then you’ve really lucked out but if they’re an enthusiastic amateur with a new toy that they’re keen to try out on your wedding day then you may want to reconsider.

Does your friend/family member have the right equipment?

On the day your friend or family member will, as an absolute minimum, need:

  • Two Camera Bodies (one to shoot on, one as a backup)
  • A fast wide angle lens
  • A fast telephoto lens
  • A spare lens
  • Two speed lights (flashes) and batteries
  • Around 100gb of memory cards

What is you and your friend or family member’s backup plan if something goes wrong? Read more

The Best of 2017 Wedding Photography

Where do I begin…Firstly, thank you! Thank you so much for the ongoing support year on year, trusting me to capture your day for you. I can’t explain how much that means to me!

I’ve put together a handful of my favourite images from some of my amazing couples wedding days. I hope you like looking at them as much as I liked reliving the days all over again.

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One immense inspiration post!

Birmingham Wedding PhotographerI’ve been really excited to share this post with you as I know my couples love a bit of inspiration and this is packed with that!!

Two companies I always love working with are Passion for Flowers and Wedding of my Dreams. With Wedding of my Dreams styling it and a little bit of Passion for Flowers thrown in too, these wonderful displays were created. This shoot took place in the amazing Shustoke Barns in Warwickshire and it suited those surroundings perfectly.

Whatever you are looking for, Wedding of my Dreams have it covered here. From Children’s wedding tables, to drink stations, to how your reception tables could look. Please enjoy looking through for ideas and I’m sorry if it makes you spend lots of money!

Birmingham Wedding Photographer Birmingham Wedding Photographer Read more

Mythe Barn Wedding Venue Styled Shoot

Birmingham Wedding Photographer - Pumpkin Events1

One of the reasons I love capturing styled shoots is not only because I get to catch up with my amazing industry friends but also, I see a transformation. I am at Mythe Barn Wedding Venue quite a lot and get to see many beautiful weddings there, so I was curious as to what Pumpkin Events could pull out of the bag!

They didn’t disappoint. Whilst I was outside with the beautiful Adele, they were transforming inside and I couldn’t help but say “wow” when I walked in.

Mythe Barn is beautiful enough without having to do anything there and does work as a blank canvas. Abigail and her team wanted to embrace this and wanted to add a small splash of colour. Look at that top table!!

I hope you take away some inspiration from this shoot and please feel free to pin away!

Birmingham Wedding Photographer - Pumpkin Events11 Birmingham Wedding Photographer - Pumpkin Events19 Birmingham Wedding Photographer - Pumpkin Events24 Read more

Kam’s Mehndi Night

Kam’s Mehndi night was one of those fabulous bonuses I had the privilege of capturing when I was lucky enough to be booked for Andy and Kam’s wedding photography.

I was really excited to attend as I had never been to one before but even more excited, when half way through, Kam invited me to have some Mehndi done. Eeeeek!

Just watching these Ladies at work was amazing! How they even manage to do something so intricate is beyond me, I could have just watched them all night!

Thank you Kam for allowing me to experience it.
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Chateau la Durantie – South of France Wedding Venue

Daffodil Waves Photography - Chateau La Durantie Wedding

When Ashley and Natasha emailed me and mentioned very casually where they were getting married, of course I did a quick Google! I then realised it was a venue I had looked at many times before, hoping one day I’d get the chance to see it in person.

I had exchanged many emails with Victoria, the owner, who is probably one of the nicest people on the planet and could now tell her I was actually going to meet her!

I arrived two days before the wedding so it would have been a great shame not to show the venue some love whilst it was quiet!

For anyone even considering a wedding in the South of France, you have to see the Chateau la Durantie to believe it but I hope my photos give you a little insight.

Daffodil Waves Photography - Chateau La Durantie Wedding Read more

Something a little bit different – The beautiful Cassie’s Boudoir Shoot

More of my Brides are contacting me about gift ideas they can give their future Husbands on the morning of the wedding. I got chatting to Cassie and she suggested the possibility of a Boudoir shoot.

Having never done a Boudoir shoot before I suggested I could give it a go and Cassie took me up on the offer. We had got to know each other through her wedding planning and got on very well, so I was hoping this would help Cassie feel relaxed on the day. Read more