It is quite common for me to get booked to capture a wedding without the couple meeting me first. I always find this to be a huge compliment, as they are basing their huge decision on how much they love what they see. Chloe and Luke did this and a few weeks before their wedding, we met for a drink. It was during this meet up that I found out how much Luke didn’t like having his picture taken and I mean reeeeally didn’t like having his picture taken!

Thankfully, after we had chatted about the day, Luke said he felt a lot more relaxed about it, looking forward to it even!

The day was amazing, not just because it was so beautiful and full of laughter but because Chloe and Luke are wonderful people to be around. It felt so relaxed and fun and when we went to capture their couple portraits, Luke even asked to have more!!

I have so many couples feel like this about having their picture taken and to hear it’s a part of the day they are dreading saddens me, as it really can be one of the best parts. I wanted to share with you part of an email I received off Chloe when they had received their photos;

“We just want to say a massive thank you!! We are so glad we picked you as the photographer you made it even more special. The photos are absolutely beautiful! We are so happy with them! Luke says he is surprised how much he loves the photos considering he doesn’t like having his picture taken!”

Thank you Chloe and Luke for choosing me to capture your day. I had the most wonderful time and wish we could do it all over again and any friends of yours that can hit the dance floor with a cuppa in hand are also friends of mine!

Mythe Barn Wedding

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