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Wedding Photographer, Birmingham

Hello and welcome to Daffodil Waves Photography, I am a professional Wedding Photographer, Birmingham located in West Midlands, although I shoot weddings in London, Manchester and Cardiff and all over the UK and abroad on destination weddings.

Photography has long been my passion and I took it up professionally as I wanted to spend every day photographing beautiful couples on their wedding day.

I consider myself a reportage wedding photographer, in other words I strive for my photographs to be relaxed and natural. I find this is the best way to capture the most elegant and beautiful photographs that you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy for years to come.

I also photograph engagement shoots and pre wedding shoots so why not take a look at some of the wedding and engagement photography in my gallery.....Read More



Tips On How To Find a Wedding Photographer:



There are lots of wedding photographers out there - it is just a matter of finding the right one for you!  Don't think you have to trawl through hundreds and hundreds of photographers’ sites on Google. Wedding Blogs are a good place to start your search and, if your wedding photographer has been featured in a popular blog, then usually that is a good sign. Do look at photographers’ websites, too. However, keep in mind you are looking for quality photographs so try not to get distracted by flashy websites. You should check with any photographer you are interested in hiring that they would be willing to travel to location of your wedding, I'm a  wedding photographer located in Birmingham but willing to travel anywhere in the UK. If you are having your wedding abroad then I recommend you find a destination wedding photographer. Read More


You need to forward think a little here, try and decide what style of photography would compliment what you have planned. Many photographers specialise in a certain style of photography, you want to make sure you pick the best photographer for you. If you are nervous or uneasy infront of the camera then maybe you should consider a reportage wedding photographer they focus on taking natural photographs & place less emphasis on you posing, which can make you self concious.  Perhaps you're getting married in a dress from the 50's or 60's and have a passion for things less modern, then maybe a vintage wedding photographer is for you. Will you be getting married in a white dress and travel to the church in a horse and cart, maybe you'd like a Tradional Wedding Photographer. If you don't know what style you want don't worry just speak to your photographer. Read More


You want to choose a photographer who gives you confidence, someone you are comfortable with and trust.Therefore, I recommend you spend some time getting to know them. Whenever possible, meet the photographers you are interested in hiring and ask to see their work (which should be extensive and definitely showcase a complete wedding). Tell them about what you have planned for your wedding day, what makes your day special to you and what you want to see in your photographs. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions the better you get to know your photographer and the more comfortable you are with them, the better your images will be. Pre-wedding or engagement shoots are a great way to build that bond with your wedding photographer and determine if you like and are comfortable around them. Read More


Budgets are always important when planning your wedding and few of us have unlimited resources so you need to prioritise carefully and invest in the photographer who will deliver the best wedding photographs (additions like albums, large prints or canvasses can always be bought at a later date). You cannot have your photographs retaken and once you have them, they are yours and they will be the only memories you have of your special day, so you want to make sure they are to the highest standard. A word of warning, do not expect professional photographs from an amateur photographer!  I have spoken to far too many brides and grooms who made the mistake of letting a friend or relative take their wedding photos, only to be disappointed.  No matter what they say, you can tell the difference between professional and amateur photographs.


To find out what other people think of the wedding photographer you have set your sights on, Google them and see what comes up! Try and find out what their previous wedding clients have to say about them and their work. Hopefully, their reputation is as good as their photographs.  If so, you are then ready for the final step. Read More


Good wedding photographers are in high demand and have many enquiries each day so, once you are satisfied you have done all of the above, make sure you book your photographer. After you have gone to such lengths to find the photographer, the only way to secure their photography services on your special day is to book them. Don't put it off!  I have had personal experience with couples who delayed booking their wedding photographers, only to find that another bride wanted the same date, made the commitment and booked them, therefore securing the date and they missed out. Read More